What are the characteristics of our fleet?

Colors SL Express has 150 vans adapted to the specialist transport of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Sprinter up to 1.5t, Actros solo 11.5t and Actros FTL.

Our vehicles are equipped with professional Schmitz and Igloocar refrigeration units with Thermo-King units.

We transport cargos in a controlled temperature range from -25 ° C to + 30 ° C. Most of our cars are equipped with aggregates that enable the transport of goods at two independent temperatures (Bi-Temp).

The temperatures in the cold chamber are recorded in a certified Thermo King Touch Print recorder with the possibility of printing.

From a temperature distribution mapping in the cargo space at two reference external temperatures (-25 ° C to + 30 ° C). This allows them to be classified as GDP.

We provide transport of ADR dangerous goods. Out of concern for the safety of the products entrusted to us, all cars have ATP certificates, as well as certificates of sensor calibration at three temperatures.

We guarantee timely and trouble-free execution of orders. Our vehicles are covered by Mercedes Assistance 24h throughout Europe.

Refrigeration units are secured thanks to Thermo King Assistance 24hr and covered by a four-year service contract with Thermo King Pharma Assist and Comfort Plus ****.

In order to ensure the comfort and safety of our drivers and the highest quality of services, our vehicles are equipped with all available technical innovations installed in delivery vehicles.

Our cars are distinguished by, among others:

  • BlueEfficiency efficiency package
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Crosswind Assist
  • Collision Prevention Assist
    set of reversing cameras
  • Giga Space cabin, which provides
    additional work comfort for every driver

As part of our complementary activities, we provide vehicle transport services with a specialized professional autotransporter in Europe.

SL Express fleet today

The SL Express fleet in the past

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