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We meet the expectations of our customers in Europe.

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We guarantee timely and trouble-free execution of orders!

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We are characterized by qualified staff, experienced drivers and excellent cars!

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The history of SL EXPRESS

The SL Express company has been on the market for 18 years. When we started our activity in 2003, we initially provided basic transport services with small vans. Over the years, we have specialized in the transport of loads up to 1.5 tons and in international moves.

With the passing years and the growing competition, we have expanded our offer to specialized transport services like direct deliveries, requiring the maintenance of controlled / special conditions.

Since 2011, we have been dealing only with the transport of loads requiring express delivery, which requires a controlled temperature from -25 ° C to + 30 ° C. We transport pharmaceutical products, chemicals and unprocessed specialized food products, as well as hazardous products for which ADR licenses and equipment are necessary.

We focus on development all the time. Currently, we have 150 vans adapted to specialized transport. Our drivers know the routes throughout the European Union, which is undoubtedly an advantage in the faster execution of orders and timely deliveries.

SL Express is a leader in the field of special transports. We owe the success of our company to experienced drivers with many years of experience, qualified employees who know what specialized transport of pharmaceutical products and dangerous goods is about good customers and excellent cars,

Chemical and pharmaceutical transport

We transport cargos that require controlled thermal conditions – we provide transport in high and low temperatures. Our cars are equipped with two-chamber cooling casings with the possibility of precise temperature control during transport, confirmed by a printout from the Thermo King recorder in the car. We provide constant control of temperature, security systems and vehicle location in cooperation with an independent, certified monitoring center.

SL Express – we expressly execute our clients’ orders, regardless of the season, weather, topographic location, as well as traffic restrictions and driving bans for trucks.

What distinguishes SL EXPRESS?


We meet the requirements of TAPA level 1 (Transported Asset Protection Association), which defines safety requirements for truck transport and best practices for road hauliers HVTT (High Value Theft Targeted).


Our fleet consists of 150 cars with cooling Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and actros casings, prepared to execute orders in 2 temperatures (Bi-Temp.).


For the sake of the natural environment, all our vehicles have been meeting the strict EURO 6 emission standards since 2013.


We have been certified GDP and ISO 9001: 2009 since 2014


We offer all possible qualifications and permissions for international transport with ADR loads. Our cars are properly equipped to ensure safe transport of dangerous goods.


Since 2017, we meet the requirements of TAPA , currently we are at level one, which is characterized by the highest security regime.

If you want your parcel to be delivered quickly and under appropriate conditions, please contact us!

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