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Modern cars

Already 99 modern Mercedes-Benz Sprinters drive with the colors of SL EXPRESS. The vehicles are equipped with professional cooling bodies IGLOCAR with Thermo-King V300 MAX 50 aggregates, with connection to 220V an 380V. We are able to carry cargo in a controlled temperature ranging from -20° to +30°C, and dangerous goods (ADR). Most vehicles are equipped with aggregates, enabling the transport of goods in two separate temperatures (Bi-Temp). Record of temperatures in the refrigerator are stored in the certified register Thermo King Touch Print, printable at any time. The current temperature in the cargo space is made available online via GPS, and after completion of the contract we send a report in electronic form covering the entire route.


In concerned for the safety of entrusted products, all vehicles have ATP certificates, required under the agreement concerning the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs and special modes of transport which are designed for these types of transport, as well as certificates of sensor calibration (Test Certificate) in three temperatures (3-point calibration). We also have reports of mapping the distribution of temperature in the cargo space in two reference outside temperatures (-30°C and +35°C), which allows them to be qualified as consistent with GDP (Good Distribution Practice).


To ensure timely, seamless performance of contracts, all our vehicles are covered by Mercedes Assistance 24h throughout Europe, and the cooling aggregates are additionally secured by Thermo King Assistance 24h and a four-year service contract of Thermo King Pharma Assist and Comfort Plus ****.

Service quality

For the convenience and safety of drivers, the transported goods and to ensure the highest quality of services, the vehicles are richly configured and equipped with all the technical innovations installed in commercial vehicles. These include reversing camera, BlueEFFICIENCY package, LANE KEEPING ASSIST, CROSSWIND ASSIST, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, and many others.