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Refrigerated and pharmaceutical transport

Refrigerated Express Transport is one of our core businesses. We are able to transport cargo that requires both low and high transport temperature. Our trucks are equipped with a refrigerated box body facilitating precise temperature control. We are able to transport cargo in two different thermal zones in one truck while separately ensuring adequate conditions for each of them. In contrast to containers with dry ice and thermal boxes, we are able to control temperature at every step of the journey. Refrigerated Express Transport with such a refrigerated box body also makes it possible to transport larger volumes of goods, as well as large-size containers.

Express pharmaceutical transport also requires considerable experience. Change of the temperature of transported goods or a failure to follow applicable procedures during packaging may change properties of medications.

Therefore, we consult all those aspects with a client before we actually provide any pharmaceutical transport service. We precisely define conditions in which goods are to be transported and offer advice related to the type of packaging in which medications will be transported.

Pharmaceutical transport also involves delivery of supplies to pharmacies, hospitals and transport of life-saving medications. We are fully aware of the importance of the cargo we transport and therefore we put big emphasis on the standard of vehicles, insurance and maintenance services. Pharmaceutical distribution is also subject to specific regulations which often vary depending on a country. We have thorough knowledge which makes it possible for us to legally transport goods in every country. Numerous companies and warehouses involved in pharmaceutical solutions trust our specialist knowledge.

Our vehicles carry out contracts not only in Europe but also take cargo to Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Express in the name means that we carry out contracts regardless of the season, weather, topographic location, restrictions in traffic and bans for driving trucks.

Whatever the circumstances, your consignment will be delivered quickly, efficiently and in the proper temperature. On request, we provide direct contact with the driver. We care about the environment, so since 2013, all of our vehicles meet the stringent emission standards of EURO 6.

We owe our success to good clients, excellent vehicles and experienced drivers. We look forward to cooperating with you!

The history of SL EXPRESS

Our company has been on the market since 2003. At first we provided basic transport services with small delivery trucks. For years we specialized in the transport of goods up to 1.5t and international removals. Over time and facing the ever growing competition, we decided to extend our offer and provide specialist transport services as well. We went for the fast transport of goods requiring specific conditions.

Breakthrough happened in 2011 and since then we have dealt exclusively with the transport of goods requiring fast delivery in controlled temperature of -20° to +30°C such as pharmaceutical products, chemical substances and unprocessed specialist food products. Express transport offered by our company also covers dangerous goods requiring ADR license and equipment.

Today SL EXPRESS is a leading company in special transportation. We owe our success to good customers, excellent trucks and experienced drivers. Over the years we have managed to recruit qualified employees who know all about pharmaceutical logistics and transport of dangerous goods.

The knowledge of routes in EU facilitates fast and timely deliveries. Today we have almost a hundred delivery trucks for special transportation.

If your parcel is to be delivered fast and requires special conditions, we will be happy to offer you our services!

We are ISO 9001: 2009 certified and meet the requirements of GDP (Good Distribution Practice)

Since 2014 our transport company has been a proud holder of ISO 9001:2009 quality certificate. We also meet Good Distribution Practice requirements set out in the guidelines of the European Commission of March 19, 2015, confirmed with a TÜV Nord certificate.


  • a young and competent team of forwarders;
  • experienced drivers;
  • 99 professionally prepared and equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinters 319 CDI with a cooling body for up to 8 Euro-pallets, prepared to carry out the most difficult contracts.

Transport of ADR goods

Our company also provides transport of dangerous goods, including chemical substances. Transport of ADR goods is a complicated process undertaken only by qualified transport companies which requires the involvement of both parties.

Express transport of dangerous and special goods begins at the supplier’s where the cargo is prepared. Substances and materials have to be properly prepared, put in containers compliant with relevant norms, and adequately secured against conditions during transport is also very important. Documentation including necessary certificates and guidelines for drivers related to transport temperature.

We have all qualifications and licenses required for international ADR transport and our trucks are equipped to transport dangerous goods. We also count on co-operation with customers who are required to collect goods immediately.

We provide transport of ADR cargo requested by manufacturing companies, industrial plants and private customers.